Meadowland High Pointe is located also on a No Exit road 7 minutes drive from Cobourg, located within the Northumberland Forest. 

All our pasture fields have automatic heated water, field shelters and/or barns and ad-lib quality hay. We have a worming programme and our farrier visits every 4-6 weeks. 

Our charges at Meadowland All boarding payments are due before the 1st of every month.  We accept email bank transfers, cheques and cash.

Safety at Meadowland is something we take seriously both for riders, handlers and the horses themselves.  All riders under the age of 18 must wear safety helmets whilst riding at Meadowland.  We ask that suitable footwear is worn when horseback riding. 

Our facilities -

Meadowland High Pointe, 30 rubber matted stalls in our beautiful barn with underfloor heating, the largest indoor arena in the area, enormous outdoor arena plus a smaller outdoor arena.  We are located within the Northumberland County Forest so have direct access to all the public trails.  Both farms have on-property private trails.

Veterinary Medications are on hand at Meadowland.  We have a very comprehensive store of treatment and veterinary supplies and under vet counsel we can handle most injuries aftercare.  We have sound veterinary knowledge ourselves and we have good working relations with many veterinary surgeons in the area. 

Retired Horses are welcomed here at Meadowland.  We have a number of elderly and retired horses living happily here.  Some of the oldies are in their late 30's and we have many years of experience in dealing with the special requirements that our old guys and gals need. 

Broodmares are accepted at Meadowland either for short-term foaling down aswell as for long term living where we co-ordinate the whole breeding cycle from tracking heat cycles and making vet arrangements for ultrasounds and then transporting the mares to and from the vet repro clinic for them to be AI'd.  We are happy to arrange and handle all further vet visits for ultrasounds etc.  Breeding is often a hectic time of year, where we at Meadowland go all out to strive for successful breedings for ourselves and all our breeding customers.  All mares are tracked and monitored and good relations with our repro vets make the experience for all involved a pleasant affair.

Foaling Down is a part of the year that we very much enjoy at Meadowland.  There is not much more in this world that gives as much joy as seeing a new life being born.  No matter how many foals we have witnessed being born, it is still one of the most amazing and wondrous events in our calendar.  Mares are milk tested - we check ph levels and calcium levels, along with using some of the more traditional methods to try to gauge when the mares will foal.  When foaling appears close, we check mares frequently, both day and night.  When mares appear close to foaling, we bring them into a large foaling box which is very close to the farmhouse.  We have CCTV so we can view the mares.  We keep in contact with mare owners to give progress reports and if the owners wish to be here to watch the birth then we give as much notice as we can to help ensure the birth is not missed by the owners.  With milk testing we are usually able to give owners 48 hours notice of the impending birth.  Of course anyone who has dealt with pregnant mares knows that they are unpredictable and changes outwith anyones control can occur very quickly.  We do like to photograph all births, however birthing the foals safely are obviously the primary concern.

Weaning is done in the least stressful manner that we can offer to both mare and foal.  We prefer tonaturally wean however this is often not an option if the mare has been re-bred.  We do encourage owners to hold off weaning until the foal is 6 months old providing all is going well with mare and foal.  Weaning takes place in a paddock directly opposite our front door so that we can keep extra close eyes on how it is going.  We take the mare/s out of the paddock and leave the foals in their paddock where they have spent their lives up till weaning day.  The mares are moved into an adjoining field so that they can still see and touch their offspring over the fence but their foals can no longer suckle.  Occasionally there is a little calling back and forth but within no time the foals start to spend longer away from the fenceline and go off with their other little friends and their nanny-mares.  Weaning at Meadowland is normally very uneventful and stressfree for all concerned.

Long distance owners are well catered for as full care (holding for farrier/vet, changing blankets, grooming, farrier trims, worming etc) can be included as a standard service for these horses.  Periodical updates and photos are emailed to owners who live long distances away.

Competitive riders are well catered to at Meadowland High Pointe as we have all facilities available.



Please see our Price List page for current boarding rates and EMAIL us for further details.