We regret that we are no longer offering public trail riding at Meadowland Farm - however,  our network of superb trail rides is still available to all Meadowland Farm boarders

We are happy to recommend Maple Crescent Farm for public trail riding:

Find them at www.maplecrescentfarm.com or call 905 797 2598

Large vierw of a Meadowland Trail
Meadowland Farm is situated in a wonderful location with direct access to a large trail network which is available to all our horse owning clients who board their horses on our farm.  From every direction there are trails; all covering varied and interesting terrain.  There are river rides, lake rides, hill rides, forest rides and it's even pleasant just wandering around the quiet laneways.  We have access to the Trans Canada Trail, the Heritage Trail and the Conservation Area.  We also have our own private trails which are wonderful for our novice or nervous boarding clients and for our clients who have young horses.  Our own trails are about an hour long however they link up to other trails off-property so it's easy to turn a short ride into a long ride on the spur of the moment.
Nestling among the picturesque Northumberland hills, just minutes from the Ranney Falls and Ferris Provincial Park, Meadowland is set in a secluded yet easily accessible location, just two minutes from County Road 30 and five minutes from Campbellford town centre.

Meadowland offers scenic trail riding through woodland and open fields with stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Our trails include dense woodland, steep inclines and water meadows - enchanting for the experienced rider and challenging, but safe.

The water meadow field is such a pretty field to ride through in summer.  We often refer to this field as the "butterfly field" as when all the wild flowers bloom there are a multitude of different species of butterflies who frequent this field.

Panoramic view of Meadowland Farm